Here are the questions we are asked most often. Don’t see your question answered here? Just contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

What is a Naturel Stone Countertop?

There are many different types such as Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Quartzite and Limestone. These are natural materials, with natural characteristics and are mined in quarries all over the world.

What is Quartz Countertops?

Quartz Countertops has the look and feel of natural stone, but is actually stronger due to its engineered make-up. Quartz Slabs are typically made of 93% natural quartz, manufactured with resin, colorants and other materials. The end result is Quartz Countertops are stain resistance , does not require sealing and will not breed bacteria.

How often do I need to seal my countertops?

It is our policy to seal every stone surface we install and we recommend the application of a sealer every six months to assure protection against any oils or water that may have sat on the surface of the stone for any length of time. Using highly acidic/harsh chemicals or direct heat may deteriorate the original sealer, therefore requiring sealing more often. If water is no longer beading up on the top, it’s time to reseal. Sealing your countertop is very easy and the sealers can be found at home improvement stores and online stores around $15-$25 per a spray bottle.

Can I place hot items on my countertops?

Some granites can tolerate temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees (F.) Although we recommend never putting items from your oven, stove top or grill directly on the granite surface without a trivet or hot pad. Once items have cooled, placing them directly on the stone countertop would be acceptable. For quartz, it is recommended to use a trivet and direct heat is not advisable due to the chemical makeup of this material.

What should you use to clean granite?

Wipe the counter surface with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. You can also use a 50:50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water.

Don’t use vinegar, Windex or bleach on granite. Frequent uses of these acidic substances will dull the granite and weaken the sealant.

Dont use natural cleaners that consist of vinegar, lemon, orange, and other natural acidic items which can result in etching on granite countertops

I have a smaller project so do I have to buy the whole slab?

No! We do not charge you the price of full slabs. You pay for what is required to fabricate your tops.

Do I need an appointment to come out and see the slabs?

No! You can visit our showroom/warehouse anytime during our business hours.

Financing Options Available!

You don’t have to let your  budget keep you away from getting your dream kitchen! 0% interest and 0$ down Special Financing available. Please call European Marble Granite for details.